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Wow it's been awhile. I don't know why I'm updating now. I just needed something to do I guess. I uploaded three new one-shots (Harry Potter) on (-Frozen-Passion-) and I'm ever so proud of myself. I have no real reason for update so I'm going to stop before I start rambling.

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Cousins, Summer,, HBP, Friends, Fanfiction and Music...

Well I haven't updated in a while.

Lets start out with my cousins are vistining from Italy/Utah, life is hell, I have a total of two frineds, my little siister ran away this morning (it was a drama queen act) and I'm bored as hell.

I really have no idea what to say. It sucks that won't let us post Songfics... HBP seemed like just another fanficiton... I've hit a total dead end with my music (as in the writing of lyrics)... Summer is almost over...

Yeah I'm so bored... Spoony I neeed to talk to you!!!
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Harry Potter

Bloody Goombahs!

Bloody Hell! I've got four giggling, singing girls in my living room acting like complete idiots! Who are these crazy people you ask... There my bestest best friends! Currently Bobo and Pokie are laughing and farting (gross much...), Wads is rescuing a bag of ruffles from my room with steath (I wish her lots of luck), and Spoony is trying to sleep (poor girl). Late (4:00 or so) we are going to go for a walk around my neighboorhood. It will be quite fun...I think Wads has finally stopped singing Norah Jones! I do believe I hear the Halleluhah Chorus! Well I'm going to go now...
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My First Post

Well this is my first post. It is currently 10:45 in the morning and I'm bored out of my mind... (I should probably be doing my homework...) Okay I'm going to go now. I will post again soon... Bye
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